"Asia Insight" from the Asia Media Centre

"Asia Insight" from the Asia Media Centre is our podcast focusing on Asia-related issues and perspectives. 

The podcast will feature Asia experts from across the region, along with staff from the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

Dubbed "The Big Picture", series one discusses some of the major developments in regional politics in the last year, as well as the trans-national political architecture of the region.

Future series will look at New Zealand's developing role in Asia, the Asian diaspora in this country, the developing Asian arts scene, sports, and youth perspectives - among other topics.

Episode 1: Asia - The Big Picture: AUKUS

The AUKUS agreement between the US, UK, and Australia took many by surprise when it was announced late last year. In this episode of Asia Insight, we're joined by international relations experts Professor Rob Ayson from Victoria University of Wellington and Professor Joanne Wallis from the University of Adelaide to look at the formation of AUKUS, and what it means for Australia, Asia, and New Zealand. 

Episode 2 : Asia - The Big Picture : APEC & ASEAN 

They are acronyms well-known to many New Zealanders, but what exactly do APEC (The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum) and ASEAN ( The Association of South East Asian Nations mean to this country, and how well are they tracking during the pandemic? In this episode of Asia Insight we speak to Alison Mann, NZ's former Senior Official to APEC and ASEAN, and to Mitchell Pham , Vietnamese-kiwi tech entrepreneur, for their perspectives on APEC, and ASEAN , as we head into 2022.