Maps: Projected Asian population in NZ in 2038

Statistics NZ Ethnic Population Projections: 2013–2038

On 3 October, Statistics New Zealand released the latest projections of each ethnic group in the country. 

The broad Asian ethnic group is expected to increase the most over the period, with the population projected to rise from 540,000 in 2013 to 1.2–1.4 million in 2038*.

The Asia Media Centre has created a series of interactive infographics of the projected numbers below.

*Statistics New Zealand makes certain assumptions in creating these projections, considering factors such as birth rates, life expectancy and migration. Its mid-range projections for the broad Asian ethnic grouping assume an average birth rate of 12,852 children a year, and a net migration averaging 19,560 people a year between 2013 and 2038.

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1. Projected Asian population across NZ

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2. Projected Asian population in Auckland region

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3. Projected population in NZ: 2018-2018

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4. Demographic profile of Asian ethnic group: 2018–2038

– Asia Media Centre