Asia's ongoing COVID-19 battle

Around the world, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is approaching two million, with that figure increasing by hundreds every day. Nations across Asia are battling the virus in their own ways and with varying degrees of success. 

Some countries, such as China, are ahead of the curve many countries are currently going through, and eyes are on these nations to see how they handle the next step. At the Asia Media Centre, we've gathered media coverage from across Asian countries as they grapple with the pandemic 

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 around the world and in Asia





Despite cases easing off in China recently, early this week, the country reported its highest number of daily confirmed cases in nearly six weeks, prompting fears of a second wave of COVID-19.  China's border with Russia is now reportedly a new frontline in stamping out the virus, as a large number of new cases are from Chinese nationals returning through the border.  While border and quarantine controls have been put in place, two experimental vaccines have been approved for human testing in Beijing.

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South Korea 


Eyes have turned to South Korea as recovered COVID-19 patients have tested positive for the virus again. It is not clear whether the patients – more than 100 – have been reinfected or if the virus has been reactivated. 

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 zhang kenny 2J4e08Z54bo unsplashSocial distancing has been enforced in many Asian countries. Photo:  Zhang Kenny on Unsplash


The Japanese prefecture Hokkaido is bracing for an expected second wave of COVID-19 cases and has announced another state of emergency which will go into early May. The first state of emergency was declared on February 28. By early April, some schools had started to reopen, but a sudden spike of cases over April 9 and 10 raised concerns. 

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As part of efforts to tackle the virus, Singapore officials have 
established community isolation facilities for those diagnosed with COVID-19. It’s one of many measures taken in the country – including calling for blood donations from recovered patients to help develop treatments and barring work pass holders from working if they’re caught flouting lockdown rules. 

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Thailand has marked a decrease in daily confirmed cases over the last several days, but experts 
are warning against lowering social distancing and lockdown measures due to higher numbers of cases in neighbouring countries. In other news, the Songkran water festival celebrating the Buddhist New Year has been cancelled. 

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1280px 2562 Photographed by Peak Hora 7Songkran - normally a time of celebration - has had public festivals shut down to stop COVID-19. Photo: Wikimedia Commons


Late last week, Jakarta officials started a city-wide lockdown, even as the central government opted not to implement one on a national scale. The lockdown has since expanded to satellite cities, as Indonesia reports some of Southeast Asia’s highest fatality numbers. 

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As confirmed cases of COVID-19 rise over 10,000, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended India's nationwide lockdown until May 3.  India's Union Health Ministry said the extension was needed to help break the chain of transmission, as cases spiked early this week, to a daily high 1211 cases - the highest the country has seen since January.  

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mnm all 46Yad80Ynp4 unsplashLax enforcement in Myanmar has seen some bars and restaurants remain open, despite official advice. Photo: Photo by mnm.all on Unsplash


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