25 journalists working in Asia to follow on Twitter

Having trouble keeping up with the news across Asia? Wondering where to go to get the latest political stories and learn about cultural movements?

Here are some of the Asia-based journalists using Twitter to share news and analysis on what’s happening in the region. Try following them to get more Asia insights onto your feed. You can also subscribe to our Twitter list.

1. Alan Wong | @alanwongw

Alan Wong is the editor of Inkstone, an English-language news website covering China. His Twitter account highlights what's trending in China and Hong Kong.

2. Anna Fifield | @annafifield

New Zealander Anna Fifield is the Beijing bureau chief for The Washington Post. She was previously the Post's bureau chief in Tokyo, covering Japan and the Koreas with a special focus on North Korea. 

3. Chad O'Carroll | @chadocl

Chad O'Carroll is the CEO of Korea Risk Group, which produces the North Korea publications NK Pro and NK News. He frequently tweets about US-North Korea relations.

4. Chris Buckley | @ChuBailiang

Australian Chris Buckley is a New York Times correspondent based in China, where he has lived for more than 20 years. His account offers a fascinating glimpse into his life as a journalist in Beijing.  

5. Emily Feng | @EmilyZFeng

Emily Feng is the Beijing correspondent for NPR. She was previously the Beijing correspondent for the Financial Times. A fluent Mandarin speaker, she covers Chinese politics, policy, society, business, and tech.

6. James Pearson | @pearswick

James Pearson is the Hanoi and Phnom Penh bureau chief for Reuters. He was previously based in Seoul, and is the co-author of the book North Korea Confidential (2015). 

7. Jeffie Lam | @jeffielam

Jeffie Lam is a senior reporter for the South China Morning Post, covering Hong Kong politics and social welfare issues. Her tweets and retweets offer insight into Hong Kong's relations with mainland China.

8. Jonathan Cheng | @JChengWSJ

 Follow the Wall Street Journal's Seoul bureau chief for the latest on the Korean Peninsula, from North-South relations to K-Pop. Also check out this AMA he did on Reddit after returning from a recent North Korea reporting trip.

9. Jon Russell | @jonrussell

Bangkok-based Jon Russell covers all things related to tech in Asia for TechCrunch and has a weekly newsletter, Asia Tech Review, which is well worth subscribing to.

10. Kate Walton | @waltonkate

Based in Jakarta, Kate Walton is an Australian writer, activist and development worker who covers women, gender and feminism in the Asia-Pacific, with a special focus on Indonesia.

11. Kayleigh Long | @ayleighk

Kayleigh Long is an Australian journalist based in Southeast Asia. She moved to Myanmar after pre-publication censorship was lifted in 2012, and worked at The Myanmar Times for several years before going freelance.

12. Kirsten Han | @kixes 

Singaporean journalist Kirsten Han is the editor-in-chief of New Naratif, a multimedia platform for Southeast Asian journalism, art and research. 

13. Maria Ressa | @mariaressa 

Maria Ressa is a Filipina journalist who is the founder, CEO and executive editor of Rappler, which has won awards for its hard-hitting investigations. Rappler is one of the few organisations that publishes critical reports on President Rodrigo Duterte. 

14. Michael Safi | @safimichael

Michael Safi is The Guardian's South Asia correspondent, based in Delhi. He covers news on India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Nepal.

15. Mike Tatarski | @miketatarski

Michael Tatarski is the editor-in-chief of Saigoneer, a news site based in Vietnam. Follow him for his observations and photos of daily life in Vietnam.

16. Motoko Rich | @motokorich

 Japanese-American journalist Motoko Rich is the Tokyo bureau chief for The New York Times, where she covers both Japan and the Korean Peninsula. 

17. Neha Dixit | @nehadixit123

Based in New Delhi, Neha Dixit is an independent journalist covering politics, gender and social justice in South Asia.

18. Niha Masih | @NihaMasih

Niha Masih is the New Delhi-based India correspondent for The Washington Post, and covers mainly Indian politics and society.

19. Saksith Saiyasombut | @saksithCNA 

Saksith Saiyasombut is the Thailand correspondent for Channel NewsAsia and tweets prolifically on Thai politics, economy and society.

20. Shibani Mahtani | @shibanimahtani

As the Southeast Asia correspondent for The Washington Post, Shibani Mahtani covers political and social issues across the region. She is based in the Post's Hong Kong bureau.

21. Sumisha Naidu | @sumishanaidu

Sumisha Naidu is a Malaysia correspondent for Channel NewsAsia. According to her Twitter bio, she tweets on "all things Malaysia" - from nasi lemak to missing planes.

22. Tom Hancock | @hancocktom

Tom Hancock is a reporter for the Financial Times based in China. Follow him for the latest on business and tech in China.

23. Victoria Milko | @thevmilko

Multimedia journalist Victoria Milko is based in Myanmar and covers Myanmar and refugee issues, including Rohingya.

24. Yimou Lee | @YimouLee

Taipei-based Yimou Lee is a senior correspondent for Reuters, covering Taiwan, Hong Kong and Myanmar. His Twitter account offers commentary on military issues in Taiwan.

25. Yuan Yang | @YuanfengYang

Yuan Yang is the Beijing correspondent for the Financial Times, covering technology in China. Her Twitter highlights all the need-to-knows, from tech surveillance to internet censorship. 

 - Asia Media Centre