Sunit Prakash

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LinkedIn:  Sunit Prakash
Twitter:  Sunit Prakash
Founding Director & Principal Consultant, SunIT

Sunit Prakash is an IT professional specialising in consulting and advising corporates on what it takes to deliver superior IT services to their customers.

An MBA from Bombay University, he has extensive global experience in the industry. As the Director Support Operations for a Nasdaq listed technology vendor, Sunit gained a ringside view on effective global service delivery models; and more importantly how these models need to be adapted for the Asia Pacific Japan region.

Related to this, he co-authored “Strategic Lean Service” – a case study of how a global service delivery organisation used Lean to drive organisational transformation and achieve customer satisfaction.

With his strong interest in skilled migrants, international students and stories of successful migrants overseas – Sunit is a mentor a CreativeHQ’s Lightning Lab, for teams wanting to make a difference in this area.

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