Sarah D Lipura

Sarah D Lipura Image
PhD, University of Auckland

Sarah Jane Lipura received her PhD in Asian Studies at the University of Auckland and is a recipient of the University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship.

She received her BA degree in Political Science (cum laude) and her MA degree in Asian Studies (Presidential Scholar-Academic Merit) from the University of the Philippines.

Formerly a faculty and administrator of Ateneo de Manila University, Sarah has pioneered the development and teaching of Korean Language and Korean Popular Culture courses to undergraduate students that led to the first Minor Program in Korean Studies among Philippine Higher Education Institutes. She was also the founding Director of the Korean Studies Program of Ateneo's School of Social Sciences and the Project Director of the Overseas Korean Studies Incubation Program supported by South Korea Ministry of Education through the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) from 2012-2015. 

Prior to joining the academia, Sarah has been involved in various initiatives that promote academic and cultural exchanges between Filipinos and Koreans and has likewise worked extensively with and for local and international women’s NGOs, particularly through the global secretariat of DAWN  a network of feminist scholars and economists from the Global South.