Alistair Crozier

Alistair Crozier Image
Executive Director, NZ China Council

During a long diplomatic career, Alistair established and led New Zealand’s new Consulate-General in Chengdu, Southwest China (2014-18), and served as New Zealand Deputy Ambassador to Viet Nam and Deputy High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea. He was also New Zealand’s first education counsellor to China and has lived in Japan and Taiwan. Alistair holds degrees in law and Japanese language from the University of Canterbury and is a fluent Chinese speaker.

Alistair has also managed crises in education and food safety in Asia, negotiated market access for a range of export sectors, and opened new opportunities for New Zealand companies in China. He is a fluent Chinese speaker.

He has spent time as Director of the Office of the Mayor of Christchurch, and was the Business Programme Director and South Island Manager at the Asia New Zealand Foundation during 2020-2021, where he led a programme supporting New Zealand companies to better understand Asia.

Alistair holds a first class honours degree in law and a BA from the University of Canterbury.

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